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In order to ensure a safe and healthy environment, these requirements must be met by all dogs coming to our daycare facility:

  • Dogs must be in good general health and provide valid proof that he/she has a negative parasite exam twice a year. They must also be current on Rabies, DH2PP, and bordatella vaccines before being dropped off for any daycare service.
  • All owners must sign our daycare agreement.
  • All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.
  • All dogs must be on a veterinary approved monthly flea preventative.
  • All dogs must come to daycare with a collar, proper tags, and a leash. For your dog’s safety, we strongly encourage quick-release collars; however collars with buckles are approved, but they may be removed during playtime. No prong collars or choke collars may be worn while playing!
  • All dogs coming to daycare must be social with other dogs and people.
  • Dog’s who begin to exhibit behaviors that cannot be reasonably controlled or modified by our staff and that pose a threat to other dogs or our employees will cause us to suspend and or deny their membership to The Club House.

Prior to your dog’s first day, please come by or call and meet our daycare staff. Tell us a bout your dog and what we can do to meet all your needs. Also, please fill out our Daycare Agreement and Pet Profile so that you, your dog, and our staff are fully prepared and can have a wonderful first visit!

- Click here to download our Clubhouse Agreement -

- Pet Profile document in .pdf format for clients to download and bring in with them. -

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